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Airtable API Tutorial with cURL and JavaScript

By James Quick

If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to persist your application data, look no further than Airtable. Airtable is basically an excel sheet like database that has tons of flexibility and a GUI for inspecting/creating data.

I’ve used Airtable as the DB for a few of my demo apps recently, and I love it. There are other great options like Firebase, for example, but Airtable seems the easiest for me. In this article, let’s explore how to create a base (Airtable’s word for a database) and then perform CRUD (Create, Read, Update, and Delete) operations against it in two different ways, raw HTTP requests and the Airtable JavaScript package on NPM.

Getting Started

As with most products these days, you can sign up for free with Airtable. They do have a paid tier, but the free tier is more than enough and will probably last you a while. Sign up here


Online Store with Svelte - Domenik Reitzne on Real Talk Javascript #83

By John Papa


Craig and John talk with Domenik Reitzner about Svelte. Can you write less code and build boilerplate-free components using HTML, CSS, and Javascript? What about the lack of cli? What is it really like developing with Svelte and why might someone not want to use Svelte?

const podcast = { 
  episode: 83,
  title: 'Online Store with Svelte - Domenik Reitzner',
  topics: [ 
    'svelte', 'javascript',
  guest: 'Domenik Reitzner',
  hosts: [
    'John Papa', 'Craig Shoemaker'

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  • 02:15 Guest introduction
  • 04:59 What was it that drew you to Svelte for this project?
  • 06:17 Why is there less boilerplate?
  • 07:29 Sponsor: Nrwl
  • 08:09 Webpack and Rollup.js
  • 12:09 Did you miss not having a cli?
  • 15:06 What’s it like developing with Svelte?
  • 24:57 What is the magic in the bundle?
  • 32:26 Sponsor: Ag Grid
  • 33:33 Why might someone not want to use Svelte?
  • 43:00 Final thoughts

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Feature Flagging in your React Native App in 5 minutes

By Cloudbees

CloudBees Rollout is an advanced feature flagging solution that lets your development teams quickly build and deploy applications without compromising on safety. By providing a gradual release mechanism and a simple way to define target audiences, CloudBees Rollout allows developers and product managers to optimize features releases and customize the user experience. CloudBees Rollout gives teams control over features that are in staging, production or any environment you have in your deployment pipeline.

Have you ever added a new feature to your mobile application and only wanted to distribute and test it with a percentage or designated segment of users?

Or have you ever had the issue where a feature you just released has a defect and you need to hide it immediately from your user base? These are common development considerations that can boost end user satisfaction and drastica


Deploying Laravel to DigitalOcean

By Chimezie Enyinnaya

In this tutorial, I’ll be showing you how to deploy a Laravel application to DigitalOcean. For the purpose of this tutorial, I have created a demo Laravel application, which we’ll be deploying to DigitalOcean. The demo application can be found on GitHub.


This tutorial assumes the following:


VS Code April Update is Out w/ Faster Syntax Highlighting

By Chris on Code

It’s incredible what VS Code is able to do from month to month. The dev team has consistently put out features and updates every month. We’ve got 1.45 out this month with some nice additions. Add this update to the announcement of GitHub Codespaces and it’s already a great month.

The updates in this one are: