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Creating a Custom API with Strapi - A Node Headless CMS

By Chris on Code

Strapi is an amazing tool that lets us build our backends without writing a line of code. It comes with an API out of the box.

I would use Strapi as a Headless CMS because it allows for flexibility in content types. We could build a custom app whereas other CMSs are geared towards blogs.

While other Headless CMSs can be focused more on helping creating blogs (and that’s perfectly fine), Strapi can be used to build more of an app than a blog. The ability to create all types of content is what gives Strapi this flexibility. We can also jump into the code of our Strapi installation and do more custom things like customizing our dashboard, making database queries, formatting


Tailwind Opacity Utility Classes

By Chris on Code

Tailwind 1.4 just got released and with it comes three really cool things:

  1. Color opacity utlities
  2. Built-in PurgeCSS
  3. IE 11 target mode (experimental)

Let’s take a look at the color opacity utilities. We already had the opacity class to set the opacity of an entire element.

  • opacity-{0|25|50|75|100}

The new classes will let us set opacity of certain attributes.

I’ve often wanted to set the opacity of the background of an element, but not the text of the element. This usually meant I had to writ


Overriding JavaScript Builds with Santosh Yadav on Real Talk Javscript #81

By John Papa


Satnosh Yadav talks with John and Dan about overriding JavaScript builds. What is a Javascript build? How does Webpack help? And what is a builder?

const podcast = { 
  episode: 81,
  title: 'Overriding JavaScript Builds with Santosh Yadav on Real Talk',
  topics: [ 
    'builds', 'javascript',
  guest: 'Santosh Yadav',
  hosts: [
    'John Papa', 'Dan Wahlin'

Brought to you by

  • ag-Grid

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  • 01:27 Topic and guest introduction
  • 02:14 What is a Javascript build?
  • 06:14 How does Webpack help?
  • 09:35 Sponsor: Ag Grid
  • 10:43 What is a builder?
  • 31:35 Sponsor: Narwhal
  • 37:02 Final thoughts

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Deploying AdonisJs 5 to DigitalOcean

By Chimezie Enyinnaya

In this tutorial, I’ll be showing you how to deploy an AdonisJs 5 application to DigitalOcean. For the purpose of this tutorial, I have created a demo AdonisJs 5 application, which we’ll be deploying to DigitalOcean. The demo application can be found on GitHub.


This tutorial assumes the following:

Create a Droplet


Complete example of how to upload images to Amazon S3 from Angular via Express

By Adrian Matei


In this blog post I present a complete example of how to upload an image to Amazon S3 bucket all the way from frontend
implemented in Angular to the backend implemented with NodeJS/ExpressJS. This is based on a real use case running in production
at the : once you register for an account you have the possibility to change your profile picture
with something more personal at user settings.

Source code for is available on Github.

So let’s jump into the tutorial
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Coding a SaaS in 2020

By Chris on Code

Coding a SaaS in 2020 is much different than coding a SaaS 10 years ago. Developers have had a great rush of incredible tools in the past decade to help us build and grow our businesses.

While there are more tools than ever, that abundance brings about the question of “which tools should I use?”

There are hundreds of ways to build and grow a SaaS. Falling into the “analysis paralysis” trap can often happen.

In this article, let’s look at some of the ways to build out our apps and especially look at what parts of building our apps we should focus on. This is the written version; if you want the video version, check it out on YouTube: Building a SaaS, Part 2: Developing Your App, From Front to Back

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