Feature watch: ECMAScript 2018

By Axel Rauschmayer

This blog post tracks what features may be included in ES2018. I will continually update it.

Proposed ECMAScript 2018 features

Recall that every ECMAScript feature proposal goes through stages:

  • Stage 4 means that a feature will be in the next release (or the one after that).
  • Stage 3 means that a feature still has a chance of being included in the next release.

Stage 4 and part of ECMAScript spec draft

(No proposals at this time.)

Candidate features (stage 3)

The following features are currently at stage 3:


What do the stages mean?

They refer to maturity stages of the so-called “TC39 process”. Check chapter “The TC39 process for ECMAScript features” in “Exploring ES2016 and ES2017” for more information.

How is [my favorite proposed feature] doing?

If you are wondering what stages various proposed features are in, consult the readme of the ECMA-262 GitHub repository.

Further reading

The following books by me are free to read online:

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