Announcing Angular Master Class in Houston

AMC Houston Event Location

Angular Master-Class Training

It’s been a couple of month since we’ve last run our training in the USA, so we are very pleased to announce that our Angular Master Class is coming to Houston in August!

You or your team should attend our 4-day Angular Master Class training.

  • Day 1: Jump Start with full, high-level introduction to Angular
  • Day 2: Observables & Component Architecture
  • Day 3: Routing & Forms
  • Day 4: Redux + ngrx with immutable, 1-way dataflows and reactive programming

We have also updated our course and lab exercises to Angular Material and Angular Flex-Layout, you can read about that here:
Revamped Angular Master Class.

This is the first time we’ll run a public 4-day training! The reason we added another day is because we want to teach our brand new material on Redux and ngrx.

If you would like private, on-site training for a team of 10 or more developers, please contact us at

Where is the Houston Training?

And we found the perfect, artsy venue that will get everyone into the right piece of mind to learn the nuances and power of Angular.
The event takes place on the August 22 – 25, 2017 in the Bisong Art Gallery.

Click on the picture above to see the map to the venue location.

About the Training

These are intense, full 8-hour days… but don’t worry, we make the classroom fun. thoughtram teaches the class with two (2) trainers. And almost every 30 minutes, students work with hands-on, coding lab exercises.

We also have social time after class on Day 2 and Day 4. Leverage the social times for networking, offline questions, and simply relaxing with your fellow Angular-philes.
So come to our training, have a blast, and get the best acceleration into Angular possible. And use the public training to expand your Angular community network.

Tickets on sale now

You can find more information on our official event page, or grab your ticket right here!

See you in Houston!

Source:: Thoughtram