Embedding Videos in Your Gatsby.js Sites

By Maedah Batool

After blogging for more than a decade, I have realized that a blog post is kinda incomplete without some visual treat. The process of adding images is more or less the same. However, videos and GIFs are one level up which is rendered/embedded differently in various web applications, and the embedding process may vary from one framework to another.

JAMstack (JavaScript APIs Markup) is pretty much the hot topic, and that’s why we’ve seen stupendous growth in Gatsby powered websites. Considering the growing popularity of JAMstack sites, I’ve decided to write about how you can embed videos in markdown with Gatsby.js.

Coding in markdown brings so much ease and when I tried looking for ways to embed videos in Gatsby.js through markdown pages, I couldn’t find a reasonable solution other than coding the functionality from the scratch.

Using Plugin: gatsby-remark-embed-video

One big plus of using Gatsby is that you find a growing collection of p

Source:: scotch.io