7 Ways to Implement Conditional Rendering in React Applications

By Philip Obosi

With React, we can build Single Page Applications that are dynamic and highly interactive. One way we fully utilize such interactivity is through conditional rendering.

Conditional rendering as a term describes the ability to render different UI markup based on certain conditions. In React-speak, it is a way to render different elements or components based on a condition. This concept is applied often in the following scenarios:

  • Rendering external data from an API
  • Showing/hiding elements
  • Toggling application functionality
  • Implementing permission levels
  • Authentication and Authorization

In this article, we examine seven(7) ways to implement such conditional rendering in React applications.

The Challenge

As a challenge, based on the value of isLoggedIn in our component state, we want to be able to display a Login button if the user isn’t log

Source:: scotch.io