Using an Image CDN to Speed Up Image Delivery from Amazon S3

By Ken Jones

Cloud storage offers companies many benefits like redundancy and lower costs. All the big cloud providers have their own version of cloud storage. Launched as early as 2006, Amazon S3 is one of the more popular cloud storage services. S3 (Simple Storage Service) is very convenient for storing all sorts of website files. In addition to dumping log data there, site owners frequently store web content like images on S3, and in turn, display the images on a website.

In fact, according to the public data set HTTParchive available in Google Bigquery, more than 10% of the websites use S3 as image storage. Most of these have a general-purpose CDN in front. However, almost 20% of the websites that use S3 as image storage serve images straight from S3 without a CDN in front.

Amazon S3 is Slow and Images are Heavy

Amazon S3 is known to be slow when serving web content directly. One reason why it is