Deploying a static NuxtJS site to Cloudflare Workers

By tarunmangukiya

Recently Cloudflare announced Workers support for static sites. This opens up a whole new era of static website deployment. Cloudflare Workers is a Serverless platform that allows us to write and run JavaScript and WebAssembly on their Edge network. Now with the help of Cloudflare KV and Workers, we can deploy static websites built or generated with Nuxt, Hugo, Gatsby or Jekyll directly to their network.

Workers Sites are very appealing due to

  • Low Cost
  • Very Fast
  • Secure
  • Easy to Scale

I am using Cloudflare Workers since last 1 year for different purposes. I am mostly working with VueJS for frontend development, and prefer NuxtJS for complex websites that requires support for routing, store management and many more.

When they announced support for static sites, first thing on my mind was that what if we can deploy NuxtJS site to Workers? This will be game changing, as I won’t have to switch between multiple providers lik