Five Steps to an Awesome Data Model in Apache Cassandra

By Brooke Cline

Congratulations, you’re starting out on Apache Cassandra – a favorite choice among architects and developers for its performance, scalability, continuous availability, geographic distribution, and ease of management. Whether you plan on using it to build customer apps, ECommerce, IoT, fraud, or anything else, your first stop isn’t only understanding the technology, but how to create the right data model to fit your application’s performance and scalability goals.

Fixing a poorly designed data model after an application is in production is an experience that nobody wants to go through–so it’s better to take some time upfront and use a proven methodology to design it right—and that’s exactly what you’ll learn here. We’ve broken it down into five steps:

  • Step 1: Understand your application workflow
  • Step 2: Model the queries required by the application
  • Step 3: Design the tables
  • Step 4: Determine primary keys
  • Step