Server-Side Rendering with Vue and Cloudflare Workers

By Daniel McNamara

A few weeks ago, gave me the push to experiment with Cloudflare Workers and Vue server-side rendering. The experiment was a success, and I’m happy to report the findings.

In this article, we will publish a full-featured, server-side rendered (SSR) Vue application to Cloudflare Workers. But before we begin, let’s talk about what exactly are Cloudflare Workers, define server-side rendering and compare this setup to a more conventional load-balanced architecture.

How do Cloudflare Workers work?

Part of a growing edge computing trend, Cloudflare Workers, allows us to push JavaScript code to edge locations in 194 cities across 90 countries. Rather than orchestrating containers or virtual machines, Cloudflare Workers’ deal with isolates. Isolates are lightweight sandboxes for our code that, in turn, are m