Build a Meal Ticketing App with GraphQL and Apollo React Hooks

By Chris Nwamba

I was at a conference this year and they handed attendees meal tickets for the after-party. It was a super amazing conference and I loved meeting everyone there, but dang… I forgot my meal ticket at the hotel and was starving while everyone else ate at the after-party! They served good looking milkshakes and the best could do was stare helplessly.

Why am I telling you about how I almost missed out on a great after-party dinner? How is this related to React Hooks and Apollo? It’s not. However, I did end up building a meal ticket tracker and I used GraphQL Apollo React Hooks – so you get it.

A meal ticket tracker allows you to issue digital meal tickets to attendees and not rely on paper tickets. You can still give them the ticket, but also have a system that tracks if the ticket has been used or not. When an attendee is served a meal, you can invalidate the ticket and the ticket cannot be reused. This way, attendees that forget their tickets can use an ID like bad