Testing in Production with Feature Flags

By William Imoh

In November of this year, Instagram introduced a new feature to remove likes from your Feed. They chose to roll out this feature gradually and test in production to fully understand the impact of their decision. How do users react? Does it impact the way they use the application? Does it impact their satisfaction? Does it cause abandonment? How does Instagram achieve the magic of testing in production and how can you follow suit.

How do you manage feature flags? How do you do testing in production with multiple features being toggled? How do you automatically aggregate this data? How will gradual releases be handled? How do you segment users to and decide who receives the feature? In this post, you will learn how to implement feature flags to answer these questions.

What are Feature Flags?

Features flags are simply a technique in which toggles are used to conditionally release features to end-users of a product. At its base, feature flags are programmatic con

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