Recreate the Spotify Album Page with Tailwind CSS

By Chris on Code

Tailwind CSS is an awesome tool that changes the way we write our HTML and CSS. Tailwind is a “utility-first CSS framework” that I initially wasn’t sure about. Our HTML gets pretty busy when using Tailwind, but I’ve found it’s not that bad of a tradeoff.

The more I have used Tailwind, the more I have liked it. It lets me design my UI quicker than ever before. People say that CSS frameworks will make you not know the underlying CSS. With Tailwind, I believe you need to know your CSS even better to be able to use the utility classes.

Let’s recreate something with Tailwind so that we can practice.

What We’ll Build

I’ve found some things around the web to rebuild with Tailwind. For this article, we’ll build Spotify’s album page UI.

We tried building this on a Twitch stream.