Flight Tracking with aviationstack Real-Time Flight Tracking API

By scotchsponsored

aviationstack is a suite of API used in tracking flight data. This is useful for individuals who are interested in building a flight booking or tracking system.


  • It’s free to get started, so you can evaluate if this is suitable for your needs.
  • Very efficient and easy to use API.
  • Built by apilayer, so you know you’re in safe hands.

Using aviationstack

After creating a free account over at their website, make sure to get your API key as this is needed to make requests to the API.

The base endpoint for all requests is:


Note: you should replace MY_KEY with the API key you get from the site.

Every future request has an endpoint associated with that endpoint.

  • /flights lists all realtime flight.
  • /h

Source:: scotch.io