Freebie: 5 Elegant and Responsive Sidebar Templates

By Danny Markov


In this post we want to share with you 5 elegant responsive templates for sidebars that you can download and use straight away in your designs. This continues our collection of freebies, created by us to save you time on your projects (which you can spend coding/gaming instead).

The Design

All of the sidebars are responsive and on smaller screens turn from vertical to horizontal. Each example has it’s own CSS file, making it very easy to customize and use. The CSS is self-contained and won’t be breaking the styles for the rest of your page. Our sidebars don’t use Bootstrap or other frontend frameworks.

Some of the templates come with short JavaScript snippets, which are jQuery dependent, so make sure to copy them together with a link to jQuery via CDN or local file. Other dependencies to watch out for are font-awesome for the social icons and the Cookie font on some of the sidebars.

Elegant Sidebar Templates

Free for Commercial Use

These templates are free to use in any commercial or non-commercial projects. You can check our license for more info. We hope that you like them!